Changing your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) method

  1. Go to the website
  2. Select your Account (e.g.
  3. You will be re-directed to the TTEC’s sign in page.20190117-02chanmfameth
  4. Sign in with your organizational account and password.20190117-03chanmfameth
  5. If you have this error message, just click on the back arrow  button from the browser.20190117-04chanmfameth
  6. Click on your name or avatar (top right corner). Then, click on the Profile button.20190117-05chanmfameth
  7. From Manage account, click on the Edit security info menu.20190117-06chanmfameth
  8. Here, you will enter the code that is appearing in you mobile phone.
    • This is how the code appears in your mobile phone.
  9. As an example, let’s say that you have enabled the option: Mobile phone SMS as default and now, you want to change it.
    • Click on the Change default menu.
    • Select the option you’d like to set as default and click Done.
  10. You have changed it!
  11. And lastly, sign out properly.

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