TT2Go @Home 3.0 – Installing the USB Drive (for Windows 10)

Please ensure you run this script in the same computer that you passed ISA – the Initial System Assessment test and ERT – Employee readiness test.
You are authorized to ONLY use this computer for work.

A. Purpose

Please follow up this mandatory steps before Tech Check-In (TCI). You are required to attend with a USB Drive prepared with the following steps.

This document will guide you to download, install and configure the USB Drive with the TeleTech® Windows to Go Operating System (TT2Go).

B. Before you begin

  • Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 cannot be used, only Windows 10 64-bit.
  • To have the USB Drive (3.0 or 3.1).
  • USB ports on your computer and your internet speed may play an important role (the whole process may take from 20 minutes to more than 2 hours).
  • Have the main Operating System of your computer ready with the latest windows update. From your computer’s Operating System, go to the document: Run Windows update on your main Operating System and perform these steps too.
  • Identify and connect the TT2Go drive into your PC by:
  • For assistance, please review this document:

    USB ports: Connecting your devices properly

    For assistance, please review this document:

    USB Port Types –How to identify

    Load More

  • Close all programs.

I M P O R T A N T !
Make sure all USB drives or any other USB devices are removed (except keyboard and mouse).


C. Downloading the image

  1. Please refer to the article: Required USB drives before connecting your USB drive/SSD to your computer.

  2. Insert the USB Drive in a USB port.
    • Unplug the headset.
    • Do not put the USB Drive into a USB Hub.
    • USB 3.0 would be ideal, preferable on the opposite side of the keyboard and mouse.
  3. Open Internet Explorer browser.
  4. Copy or Type this link to get the image (case sensitive):
  5. Click on the Run button.
    It may take several minutes to download, depending on your computer and your internet speed.


D. Installing the image

To begin with the installation of the image, insert the USB drive and do the following:
  1. Once the downloading is completed, close any window you have open.
  2. If you have a message from User Account Control (UAC), click on the Yes button to allow it.
  3. When you have this screen, it may take several minutes, depending on your computer and your internet speed…Azure03
  4. Now the Warning message that appears reads: “This Next Step Will Erase All Data from the drive displayed!” (below will be the actual name of the USB drive).
  5. I M P O R T A N T !
    Make sure the USB drive is the only device plugged in. Failure to do this step could result in losing your important data.
  6. Type Y and press the Enter key or just press the Enterkey.
  7. This stage of the process may vary in time depending on your USB ports (3.0 is much faster than 2.0), the processor and your internet speed.

    I M P O R T A N T !
    Please don’t close nor interrupt the process.

    Once completed the 100%, the window will close and no other message will appear.



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