How to manually install Windows update

NOTE: This job aid is applicable to any Windows Update. Simply search the exact KB article and follow the same steps to download and install. In this case we are going to specifically install KB4338822
  1. Open Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on this link to go to Microsoft Update Catalog site:
    Microsoft Update Catalog – KB4338822
  3. Click on Download as shown in the image.
    OR (if you don’t see the download button but you have “Add” follow steps below)
    • Click Add
    • Click View Basket
    • Click Download
  4. Click the link to download the KB4338822
  5. Choose Open.

    Note: you can also choose “Save” and it will be saved in the download folder.
  6. It will start downloading the file.
  7. After the downloading stage. Windows will be automatically scan the file.
  8. Preparing installation…
  9. Choose Yes in the Windows Update installer.
  10. It will start the copying and installing of the KB article.
  11. Installation complete. Click on Restart Now. Computer will restart and will take time in getting Windows ready. It will configure the latest update.

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