VMWare Auto-vdi7

This is a guide on how to log in automatically to the new VIP using the red-dotted VMware icon.
Please make sure that GP (Global Protect) is connected before you access to the Remote Desktop.
  1. Use only the red-dotted VMware icon to connect to vdi7.
  2. Enter the following credentials:
    • Username: your OracleID [a].
    • Password: NT-Password [b].
    • Domain should be auto populated [c].
    • Click on the Login button.

  3. Double-click the assigned Desktop Pool for your project.
  4. After double-clicking it, you will be logged in to the Windows 10 Desktop.
    Click OK to proceed to the Windows 10 desktop.
  5. VMware (Windows 10 Actual Desktop).

As a reminder:
To exit out properly and avoid connectivity issues when you want to access VDI next time:
  1. Close all the applications you use inside VDI.
  2. Click on Start menu, then Log off/Shut down.

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