Upgrade your Memory RAM

The amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) in your PC could be the machine’s major bottleneck, and adding more will speed things up.

To find out if you need more RAM you can go to System Information, in case you find you have less than 4 Gb of RAM we recommend upgrading it.

To upgrade your RAM memory, you need to determine if there are available memory slots. Most PCs have an even number of RAM slots, two or four. To determine how much RAM you can add, need to refer to the motherboard manual, or checking the specifications with the manufacturer.

Other option to determine if you can add RAM memory to your computer is using the Crucial System Scanner.

This is a retailer and they may want you to buy your new RAM from them. They’ll give you various upgrade options, with technical details. You have the choice of buying from them or using that information to shop elsewhere.

If you find that you cannot add more RAM memory or it is becoming expensive, we recommend reviewing our section When to replace your computer.

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