USB ports: Connecting your devices properly

“Where to place the TT2Go USB drive, the headset, the webcam?””


“Connecting my devices properly in the USB ports, does it really matter?”

“My USB devices, are they properly connected?”


These may be common questions a user asks herself/himself.


Devices we normaly use to work with the TT2Go USB drive

  • USB drive for TT2Go.
  • Headset.
  • Webcam (optional if your PC/laptop does not have one).
  • Keyboard (optional if you are using a laptop).
  • Mouse (optional if you are using a laptop).


Are all the USB ports the same? Does it matter?

They are not the same and it does matter a lot! Let’s see why…

In the page, USB Port Types – How to identify, we can see different USB ports types, their symbols, their speeds and how to identify them by color.


Am I connecting properly my devices?

Have them connected the best way.

  • First, identify the ports your desktop PC or laptop has (by speed, by symbol, by color, location).
  • It’s very important where you are connecting the TT2Go USB drive and the Headset.
  • Don’t put the TT2Go USB drive into a USB Hub.

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