How to reset the “TTHomeUser” password on the TT2Go USB stick

The TTHomeUser has a default password that is set to expire within 42 days. A user must change the password BEFORE it expires or on the day it expires when it gives the user the prompt to reset it.
Failure to reset/change the password for the TTHomeUser account will result to rebuilding the TT2Go USB stick which requires a significant amount of time, so we strongly recommend resetting the TTHomeUser password a few days BEFORE it expires.

SCENARIO A: Resetting password before expiration (Preferred method, you can do this any time)

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL keys.
  2. Click on Change a password.
  3. Follow the steps in Changing the Password (scroll down).


SCENARIO B: Resetting password (after expiration, you will only get this once)

After the user logs in, will get the prompt: “Your Password has expired and must be changed.”

    1. Click on the OK button.180119-03respasusb
    2. Follow the steps in Changing the Password.
      • Enter:

      [a] old password

      [bnew password

      [c)] confirm new password.

      • Click on the arrow or press the Enter key.180119-05respasusb
      • Click on the OK button.180119-06respasusb


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