TT2Go Procedures

Here are a few important reminders, after your have successfully migrated over the TT2Go USB Drive.
Please take note of the items listed below to ensure continued ease of use with your new TT2Go USB Drive.

      • Ensure that you do not plug the TT2Go USB Drive in or remove the TT2Go USB Drive without your computer being shut down and powered off.
      • The Default Password was given to you in your session. Reach out your team lead if you misplaced or forgot the password.
      • Update your password when prompted in 30-40 days. You will not receive any additional prompts or emails. Mirror password that you use to log into Workbooth (NT Login).
        • IMPORTANT NOTE: Store the Password in a secure location. If the password expires or you forget it, you will be locked out of your TT2Go USB Drive and it will have to be rebuilt.
Reminder – The TT2Go USB Drive is temporarily replacing your hard drive while you are working. It is important to note that you will not be able to access any personal data files while you are connected to Workbooth through your TT2Go USB Drive.

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