Install and Configure Cisco IP Communicator

Setting up Cisco IP Communicator

To install Cisco IP Communicator on your PC for use in WorkBooth;

First, let’s begin with the steps for the Cisco IP Communicator Setup.

  1. Download Cisco IP Communicator Setup by clicking on this link Cisco IP Communicator Setup and save it on the Desktop.
  2. To begin the installation, right-click on the downloaded CiscoIPCommunicatorSetup.exe file and run it as administrator.
  3. If you have a message from User Account Control, click Yes to allow it.
  4. On the following installation screens, click as required (Click on OK, Next, select I accept and Next, Next, Install and finally Finish).

Updating Cisco Registry

Now, let’s proceed with the Cisco Registry Update:

          1. Click on this link to install the registry file Cisco Registry Update.
          2. Select Open.
          3. Double-click on the cisco.reg file.
          4. Click on Run.
          5. If you have the User Account Control message, click on Yes to allow it.
          6. Click on Yes.
          7. Click on OK.
          8. To install Cisco IP Communicator on your PC for use in WorkBooth, right-click on Cisco IP Communicator icon and run it as administrator
            (you can open it from the Start Menu or from the Desktop, if you have it there).
          9. Cisco must also be configured for use. Before you begin, you should have been provided with a ‘TFTP Server Address’ and a ‘Device Name’. If not, please contact your Supervisor.
            Also, if you have not received the CIC/SEP Cisco extension details, please contact your Supervisor. If you get a prompt like the one below, click on OK to continue.
          10. Once the phone is opened, select the Menu[a] button and then click on Preferences[b].
          11. In the Preferences menu, click on the Network tab and select the option button Use the Device Name, type your SEP or CIC numbers.
            Finally, click on Use these TFTP servers option button and click the OK button.
          12. As a reminder, if you have not received the CIC/SEP Cisco extension details, please contact your Supervisor
          13. If the device name or TFTP fields are grayed out:
            • Close the preferences window,
            • Right-click on the Cisco window and click Exit.
            • Re-launch Cisco as Administrator (right-click on it and Run as administrator).


          14. On the same screen (Preferences > Network tab), select Use this Device Name and enter your preassigned device number.
              • Verify Cisco IP Communicator is closed.
              • Now you can login into Secure Workspace by using the “Go To Work” shortcut in your start menu.


          Cisco IP Communicator should launch automatically inside Secure Workspace, otherwise launch it using the Start Menu.


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