Pidgin, remove avatar picture (buddy icon)

If you are a Pidgin Chat user, it’s important to understand that the you should NOT use a buddy icon (avatar picture) under your account in Pidgin.

This is not a feature that is supported by TTEC and can cause multiple issues for users across all programs.

If you add a buddy icon to your Pidgin account, your account will be blocked and steps will need to be taken to have the icon removed.

To remove it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ►Accounts ►your account ►Edit Account.
  2. Buddy icon set in your account, please remove it.
  3. Click on the Remove button [1}. Next, uncheck Use the buddy icon for this account [2].
  4. Lastly, click Save.
In case you follow the steps and the avatar is still there, contact ASD for further indications.

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