Removing installed Workbooth components

Workbooth installs some software on your system during the loading process which is required to work in Workbooth.

  1. To remove all of the components manually,  follow these steps:
  • AudioURTSetup
  • ISASetup
  • LaunchSipSetup
  • LaunchVDISetup
  • ProjMsgSetup
  • Workbooth_SIP_Win32_3.5.5.54_73858
  • URTExpressSetup
  • VMware-Horizon-View-Client-x86-3.1.0-2085634 or VMware-Horizon-View-Client-x86_64-3.1.0-2085634o
  • WBLauncherSetup

Do any of these…

  • Double-click on the saved installed files (if they were saved to your system).


  • Access the Control Panel (Control Panel Documentation) and open Add/Remove Programs (Windows 7) or Programs and Features (Windows 8.1 & 10).

  • If you have a message from User Account Control (UAC), click Yes to allow it.
  • Select Remove when each Setup Wizard launches and click  on the Next/Yes button to confirm you want to uninstall the software and lastly click on the Finish button when completed.
    • The AudioURTSetup “Remove” button.
      wb_components_remove03-1-1   wb_components_remove04-500x390-1
    • The ISASetup “Remove” button.
    • The LaunchSipSetup “Remove” button.
    • The LaunchVDISetup “Remove” button.
    • The ProjMsgSetup “Remove” button.

    • The WorkBooth_SIP_Win32_3.5.5.54_73858 “Remove” button.
    • The URTExpressSetup “Remove” button.

  • The VMware-Horizon-View-Client-x86-3.1.0-2085634 or VMware-Horizon-View-Client-x86_64-3.1.0-2085634o “Remove” button.

  • The WBLauncherSetup “Remove” button.
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